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New Configurable Project List and Bulk Actions

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With the new Project List, which you can customize to view information that is most relevant to you, just like the Global Task List. To get a more guided walkthrough, check out our Project List Webinar.


Select and Reorder Columns

The Project List contains all your most important project information, including Custom Fields (Premier and Enterprise only). You can select which columns you’d like to see in the list as well as what order you’d like them in.


Filter Columns

Filter key columns to get to a specific set of projects most relevant to your work.


Save Your View

Save a custom view of how you’ve configured your Project List, based on column selection, column order, filters, sort, and page size. You'll see your saved view as your default the next time you visit the Project List.


Export Projects

The export function gives you the flexibility to export all project columns or only the ones that you have selected in the Configure Columns menu.


Bulk Actions

By selecting the checkboxes next to the project titles (or at the top of the table to select all projects on the page), you’ll get access to a powerful set of bulk actions. From the bulk actions footer, you’ll be able to perform the following actions across multiple projects:

  • Add Members to Projects
  • Designate Project Lead
  • Add Projects to Groups
  • Archive Projects
  • Set Project Status


New Groups Management

The Project Groups tab provides you with more visibility into the details of your various project groups, including company information.

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