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Intacct Integration Overview


This integration is available for purchase in Enterprise plans, and requires the Intacct Web Services and Project module. Once the integration has been activated by a Solutions Engineer, configuration takes place through Mavenlink M-Bridge, our integrations and developer platform. To get started, please reach out to your Account Executive or Client Success Manager, or email


Mavenlink’s Intacct integration makes it possible for organizations to automatically sync project information between the two applications. Manage projects in Mavenlink and perform accounting functions in Intacct without having to import/export or manually enter data twice.


  • Improve accuracy of revenue forecasts
  • Learn which projects can accelerate revenue
  • Save time on manual data entry 
  • Improved communication between project delivery teams, accounting, and clients
  • Supply accounting with visibility into when projects are created
  • Allow delivery teams tosee when invoices are paid

Functional Capabilities

  • Projects are pushed from Mavenlink to Intacct
  • New projects and updates to projects are pushed to Intacct
  • Intacct project updates are not pushed back to Mavenlink
  • Tasks in Mavenlink are pushed to Intacct when a project is created as well as updates to the project
  • Mavenlink project participants are pushed to Intacct as Project Resources
  • Approved timesheets in Mavenlink are pushed to Intacct
  • Rejection of previously approved time in Mavenlink removes the timesheet in Intacct
  • Approved expenses in Intacct are pushed to Mavenlink
  • Updates to expenses are not pushed to Mavenlink
  • Sales documents created in Intacct containing time or expense entries are pushed to Mavenlink

Configuration Options

  • Filter by Mavenlink project status
  • Filter by Mavenlink custom fields
  • Override Intacct location for projects
  • Override Intacct location for timesheets
  • Billing indicator type: Mavenlink project or task indicate whether it is fixed fee or time and materials
  • Map Intacct Item ID to specific Mavenlink custom field
  • Associate time tracked in Mavenlink with a task to the role/item in Intacct
  • Schedule data sync between Mavenlink and Intacct


Field Mappings


Mavenlink Direction Intacct Field
Title Name
Description Description
Start Date Begin Date
Due Date End Date
Budget Budget Amount
Organizations – Department Department
Organizations – Geography Location
Team Lead Project Manager
Status Project Status
Currency Currency
Percent Complete Percent Complete
Fixed Fee / T&M Billing Type
Intacct Custom Fields (Required)
ID Mavenlink ID
Mavenlink Custom Fields (Required)  
GL Project ID ID
GL Project Creation Date Date Created
Mavenlink Custom Fields (Optional)  
GL Customer ID Customer ID
Project Type Project Type
Purchase Order Number PO Number
SFDC Opportunity ID Document Number


Mavenlink Direction Intacct Field
Title Name
Start Date Planned Begin Date
Due Date Planned End Date
Task Type Is Milestone?
Status Task Status
Percentage Complete Percent Complete
Time Estimate Estimated Quantity
Intacct Custom Fields (Required)
ID Mavenlink ID
Mavenlink Custom Fields (Required)

Project Resources

Mavenlink Direction Intacct Field
User ID Employee ID
Role (must contain Item ID) Item ID
Rate (from Rate Card) Billing Rate


Mavenlink Direction Intacct Field
User ID Employee ID
Start Date Begin Date
Comment Description
Intacct Custom Fields (Required)
ID Mavenlink ID

Time Entries

Mavenlink Direction Intacct Field
GL Customer ID (on Project) Customer ID
Role (on User) Item ID
Date Performed Entry Date
Time in Minutes Quantity
Notes Notes
Billable Billable
Organizations – Geography (on Project) Location ID
Organizations/Department (on Project) Department ID
Rate in Cents External Bill Rates
Intacct Custom Fields (Required) 
ID Mavenlink ID


Mavenlink Direction Intacct Field
Category Account Label
Amount  Transaction Amount
Date Entry Date
Notes Comments
Billable? Billable?


Mavenlink Direction Intacct Field
Invoice Date Date Created
Payment Schedule Payment Schedule
User Invoice Title Record Number
User Invoice Number Document Number
Created on