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Expensify Integration Overview


This integration is available for purchase in Enterprise plans, and requires Expensify API credentials. Once the integration has been activated by a Solutions Engineer, configuration takes place through Mavenlink M-Bridge, our integrations and developer platform. To get started, please reach out to your Account Executive or Client Success Manager, or email


Mavenlink’s Expensify integration makes it possible for organizations to continue using Expensify for expense reporting, while gaining the ability to see the impact of project-based expenses on the financial health of the project.

Employees do not need to change the way they log expenses, and meanwhile, expense approvers continue to approve expenses in Expensify. Companies that have employees who don’t use Mavenlink can now centralize expense reporting and approval.


  • Simplify expense tracking and approval process
  • Unify all time and expense information across projects
  • See all time and expense information in a centralized system
  • Ensure the budget burn remains accurate

Functional Capabilities

  • Expenses created in Expensify are pushed to Mavenlink 
  • Expense reports and line items created in Expensify are pushed to Mavenlink

Configuration Options

  • Filter expense reports by state
  • Select multiple states that should be included in the sync
  • Schedule data sync between Mavenlink and Expensify


Field Mappings


Mavenlink Direction Expensify
Category Category
Amount in Cents Modified Amount
Date Expense Date
Notes Comment
User User (mapping performed by Admin)

Expense Report

Mavenlink Direction Expensify
Title Report Name
Comment Report ID
User User (mapping performed by Admin)
Created on