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Salesforce Integration Overview


This integration is available for purchase in Enterprise plans. The Kantata OX Salesforce app is available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Setup can be arranged through your Account Manager in coordination with a Solutions Engineer. For further information, please reach out to your Account Manager or Client Success Manager, or email



The Kantata OX Salesforce integration makes it possible to create successful client engagements from “proposal” to “project delivered”. Accelerate project kickoff by planning for deals in the pipeline to foster successful client engagements.

Connect Kantata OX with Salesforce to automate project creation from Opportunities and to provide Salesforce users with key information about Kantata OX projects. The integration also facilitates cross-platform communication within a project.


Kantata OX projects can be created automatically and pre-populated with important information from the Opportunity. This allows service delivery teams to begin project execution more effectively. Sales teams can see key metrics about the projects they sold, and have relevant information with which to reach out and follow-up with customers. This can drive repeat business and build stronger relationships.

Functional Capabilities

  • The integration creates a Kantata OX project automatically from a Salesforce Opportunity. When the Opportunity reaches your predefined trigger stage, a Kantata OX project is automatically created and the 2 are linked for future updates.
  • Summary information about that project feeds back to the Salesforce Opportunity.
  • Communication within a project is bidirectional between Salesforce Chatter and the Kantata OX Activity Feed.

Configuration Options

  • Configure which Salesforce Opportunity stage(s) should automatically create a Kantata OX project.
  • Define a template to be applied to each newly created project.
  • Define which Opportunity stage should be mapped to which Kantata OX Project status.
  • Configure, if desired, the creation of a Business Development project earlier in the sales lifecycle. Like with the above, you can define a template to the applied to this project as well as which stage should trigger the creation of it.
  • The schedule that Salesforce fetches data from Kantata OX on. It can be scheduled to run as frequent as every hour.

Field Mappings

Kantata OX Direction Salesforce Field
Project Title <-- Opportunity Name
Project Budget <-- Opportunity Amount


Custom Object Fields

Kantata OX Project Object

Once a project/opportunity mapping is configured, the integration will synchronize the following Kantata OX fields with Salesforce fields of the same name created in a custom object.

Kantata OX Direction Operation
Archived Bidirectional Read, Update
Budgeted Bidirectional Create, Read, Update
Budget Used Kantata OX --> Salesforce Read
Default Rate Kantata OX --> Salesforce Read
Description Bidirectional Create, Read, Update
Effective Due Date Kantata OX --> Salesforce Read
Title Bidirectional Create, Read, Update
Over Budget Kantata OX --> Salesforce  Read
Percentage Complete Kantata OX --> Salesforce Read
Budget Bidirectional Create, Read, Update
Start Date Bidirectional Create, Read, Update
Status Kantata OX --> Salesforce Read



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