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NetSuite: Integration Overview


Seamlessly link NetSuite’s best-in-class ERP with Mavenlink’s comprehensive project management resource planning solution to unify project delivery from kickoff to cash collection. This integration connects Mavenlink and NetSuite to automate project creation, send time and expense data and eliminate the need for double entry. Configuration takes place through Mavenlink M-Bridge, our integrations and developer platform.

Access & Availability

This integration is available for Enterprise plans that meet the minimum user license requirement. To get started, please reach out to your Account Executive or Client Success Manager, or email

The NetSuite integration is available to Mavenlink Enterprise accounts. NetSuite API access is also required, in addition to the SuiteTalk Plus license mentioned above.


Information can now be entered into only one system and propagated to the counterpart system. Save time and improve efficiency by eliminating the need to create projects in both Mavenlink and NetSuite, or log time in two places.

Functional Capabilities

The NetSuite integration includes the following capabilities:


  • Projects are pushed from NetSuite to Mavenlink or vice versa
  • Updates to project information can be synchronized with NetSuite


  • Tasks within a project are pushed to NetSuite along with estimated time to track project % complete
  • Updates to tasks in Mavenlink can be synchronized with NetSuite

Project Resources:

  • Project Participants in Mavenlink are pushed to NetSuite as Project Resources or vice versa

Task Assignments:

  • Task assignees in Mavenlink are pushed to NetSuite as Project Task Assignees

Time Entries:

  • Approved timesheets in Mavenlink are pushed to NetSuite as Time Bills including rate and service item


  • Approved expenses in Mavenlink are pushed to NetSuite
  • Rejection of previously approved expense reports in NetSuite rejects the expense report in Mavenlink
  • NetSuite expense categories can be added to Mavenlink so everyone is using your ledger categories


  • Fully paid invoices will have the amount synchronized to their Mavenlink project for the purposes of tracking paid vs. unpaid budget.


  • New users created in NetSuite that are flagged as Mavenlink users are automatically created in Mavenlink

Configuration Options


  • Map Mavenlink users to NetSuite users
  • Map Mavenlink project statuses to NetSuite statuses
  • Map NetSuite subsidiaries
  • Map Mavenlink Roles to NetSuite Service Items
  • Custom field in Mavenlink to store Subsidiary, Customer, NS Project ID, Expense Class

Scenario Options

  • Select the frequency and schedule of the integration sync.
  • Select which status a project or job must have in order to be included in the integration.

Field Mappings


Mavenlink Direction NetSuite
Title ←   Name
Start Date Start Date
Due Date End Date
Status Entity Status
Currency Currency
Custom Field Customer
Custom Field Subsidiary
Custom Field NS Project ID
Project ID Custom Field


Mavenlink Direction NetSuite
Title Title
Description Message
Task Type Is Milestone?
Status Status
Start Date Start Date
Due Date Finished by Date
Billable Non-Billable Task?
Assignees Project Task Assignee List
Time Estimated in Minutes Estimated Work

Time Entry

Mavenlink Direction NetSuite
Date Performed Transaction Date
Time Hours
Notes Memo
Project Customer Job


Mavenlink Direction NetSuite
Date Date Performed
Notes Memo
Billable Is Billable
Amount Amount

NetSuite Field Locations

NetSuite Field Location
Charges Transaction > Customer > Create Changes
Customer List > Relationship > Customer
Custom Event Fields Customization > List, Record & Fields > CRM Fields
Employees Lists > Employees > Employees
Expenses Lists > Employees > Employees
File Cabinet Folder ID Documents > Files > File Cabinet
Invoice Custom Fields Customization > Transaction Body Fields
Invoices Transaction > Sales > Create Invoices > [Job Field]
[Project] > Add Invoice Icon > Invoice
Sales Item List > Accounting > Items
Sales Order Transaction > Sales > Enter Sales Order
SOAP Web Services Usage Log Setup > Integration > SOAP Web Services Usage Log
Subsidiary Setup > Company > Subsidiaries
Time Bill Custom Fields Customization > Transaction Line Fields
Vendors List > Relationships > Vendors
Vendor Bills Transactions > Payables > Enter Bills > Search

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