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Concur Integration Overview


This integration is available for purchase in Enterprise plans. The Concur account must have Web Services enabled. Configuration takes place through Mavenlink M-Bridge, our integrations and developer platform. To get started, please reach out to your Account Executive or Client Success Manager, or email


Integrate Concur with Mavenlink to link Concur’s robust travel and expense capabilities with Mavenlink’s comprehensive project management and resource planning solution.

Concur provides a robust set of expense reporting features that many companies rely on. This integration allows companies to continue using Concur for expense reporting, while gaining the ability to see the impact of project-based expenses on the financial health of the project.

Employees do not need to change the way they log expenses and expense approvers continue to approve expenses in Concur. 


The integration facilitates accurate project accounting by bringing approved expense reports from Concur into Mavenlink to provide visibility into the total amount of expenses logged against a project in relation to the total budget.

Project Managers can see in one place all time and expense information for a project. Previously, this would require visiting both Mavenlink and Concur.

Functional Capabilities

The Concur integration includes 2 templates with the following capabilities:

  • Sync Mavenlink Projects into a Concur Custom List: Mavenlink Project titles are maintained in a Custom List in Concur so that employees logging expenses can select the Mavenlink Project with which to associate the expense report.
  • Sync Concur Expense Reports into Mavenlink: Approved expense reports in Concur are pushed to Mavenlink as expenses within a project. Images and other documents attached to the Concur expenses are pushed to Mavenlink. If multiple files are attached to the Concur expense, a PDF is created to combine the documents into a single file.

Configuration Options

  • Mavenlink Administrators can choose the Concur List field in which to store the Mavenlink Project list
  • Mavenlink Administrators can choose which Concur status is considered “approved”
  • Mavenlink Administrators can choose with Concur field indicates whether the expense is “billable”

Field Mappings


Mavenlink Direction Concur Field
ID List Item Level 1 Code
Title List Item Display Name


Mavenlink Direction Concur Field
Notes Expense Type + Vendor Description + Description
User Employee
Billable Billable field (configurable)
Category Category Name
Date Transaction Date
Amount Approved Amount
Receipt Attachments


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