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Mavenlink Icon Legend

Actions Actions Displays a menu containing app-wide or contextual commands.
Add New Add New Adds or creates something new in Mavenlink.
Add Subtask Add Sub Adds new sublevels to hierarchies in Mavenlink (e.g. tasks and organizations).
Clone Apply Applies a template to a project.
Archive Archive Allows you to archive tasks in the Task Tracker.
Calendar Calendar Displays a calendar or event, or performs a related date-range action.
Clone Clone Clones the currently selected information (e.g. templates).
Cloud Denotes, displays, or initiates a cloud-based service.
Deliverable Deliverable Denotes an incomplete or completed deliverable.
Download Initiates a download; shows active or recent downloads.
Edit Edit Opens an edit mode in the current context to add or append content.
Export Export CSV Moves information out of Mavenlink in a comma-separated value file format to be used in other software applications.
Export Export XLS Moves information out of Mavenlink to be used in Microsoft Excel.
Project Gantt View Gantt View View the status of your projects in a real-time Gantt chart.
Google Sync Google_Sync When enabled, allows you to sync your Google Tasks list.
Invoice Invoice Denotes an invoice that can be edited, cancelled, or marked as paid.
Issue Issue Denotes a resolved or unresolved issue.
Milestone Milestone Denotes an incomplete or completed milestone.
More More More The “More” Button allows members to add tags and checklist items to tasks within templates and projects within Mavenlink. This icon can be found within the Templates section on each Task, Deliverable, Milestone, and Issue. It can also be found when adding a new item within the Task Tracker in a project workspace.
Pin Button Pin Button In Mavenlink, the Pin button allows you to easily “pin” important items to your screen to make items easily accessible for reference. Members have the ability to pin any section of the left-hand navigation in the secondary window. Also, members can choose to pin certain posts in the Activity Feed within a project workspace, in which case the posting will now appear at the top of the activity feed. Unpinning the post will return it back to its original position in the Activity Feed.
Prefill Prefill In the Timesheets section of Time & Expense, Mavenlink gives members the option to pre-fill project and task names from the previous week. Members utilize this option to promote efficiency when working on long term project engagements.
Priority Level high-priority.png Priority Level Priority Level Mavenlink gives its members the flexibility to assign different priorities to tasks when creating a new item in a Template or in the Task Tracker of the project workspace. Priority levels vary from Low, Normal, High, or Critical, and are color coded in gray, yellow, or red.
Project Card View Project Card View This view is helpful for organizing projects in your account in a calendar view. Click this button to view the items scheduled or assigned to the team (tasks, deliverable, milestone, issue) which are overdue or due today and in the next two weeks. View recently accessed or updated projects in a card format, listing the project lead, project name and next up items. Sort this view by everyone or by specific members in Mavenlink.
Project Description Project Description The Project Description button is an icon located on the top right-hand side of the screen in the Project workspace. Clicking on this button will display all descriptions listed for the specific project, as well as any custom fields added at the project level.
Project List View Project List View This is a helpful way of organizing projects in your account. Click this button to view the status of your projects in real time, in a list format. From this view you can see information on the project, status, burn rate to budget, start and due dates, percent complete, project lead, and next up items.
Remove Remove Anytime you see this icon in Mavenlink, you will be able to click on this to remove certain information. This is typically found within templates, and within the project workspace in the Task Tracker section.
Resource-Shaping.png Resource Shaping Tool The Resource Shaping Tool helps members choose their preference in distributing hours to be scheduled or planned within Mavenlink. This is located in the Resource Scheduling view in the Task Tracker, along with the Master Planning view of Planned Hours.
Search Search Displays a search field or initiates a search.
Shared Templates Shared Templates In Mavenlink, members have the ability to share templates with other members of the team. When creating a template, check the “Shared” box at the top. When finished with building the template, click “Save and Close.” Return to the Templates section from the left-hand navigation, and see this icon to the left of the template name, reflecting the status as Shared. This is a great feature for members with Project Creators permissions and above who create similar project workflows.
Support Support Click this icon located at the top right-hand part of the screen to Access Support for Mavenlink. You have the option of selecting Support, Live Help, Knowledge Base, Tutorials, or Changelog.
Task Task Denotes an incomplete or completed task.
Task Detail ID Task Detail ID The Task Detail ID is considered a reference point and unique identifier provided for each task. In Mavenlink, members can find this icon located in the Task Details view of each individual task or subtask within the Task Tracker section of a project.
Time Log Time Log The Time Log button allows members to log and view their weekly time entries tracked within a project or task in Mavenlink. This icon can be found in the Weekly Schedule view of Time & Expense. If a project has Time Approvals turned on, once time is submitted by a member, the Time Log button will appear in the Activity Feed section of the project workspace showing the weekly timesheet needing to be approved, rejected, or cancelled.
timer-play.png timer-pause.png Timer Mavenlink provides multiple ways for members to record their time. This timer button allows members to control when they want to start and stop tracking time for work they have completed, as well as clock in for the “Punch Clock” user permission. Members can find this timer button in the Time & Expenses section of a project workspace.
Trash Deletes the current or selected item.
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