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Kantata OX Icon Legend

Actions Displays a menu containing app-wide or contextual commands.
Add New Adds or creates something new in Kantata OX.
Add Sub Adds new sublevels to hierarchies in Kantata OX (e.g. tasks and organizations).
Apply Applies a template to a project.
Archive Allows you to archive tasks in the Task Tracker.
Calendar Displays a calendar or event, or performs a related date-range action.
Clone Clones the currently selected information (e.g. templates).
Cloud Denotes, displays, or initiates a cloud-based service.
Deliverable Denotes an incomplete or completed deliverable.
Details Opens a details side panel.
Download Initiates a download; shows active or recent downloads.
Edit Opens an edit mode in the current context to add or append content.
Export CSV Moves information out of Kantata OX in a comma-separated value file format to be used in other software applications.
Export XLS Moves information out of Kantata OX to be used in Microsoft Excel.
Gantt View View the status of your projects in a real-time Gantt chart.
Google_Sync When enabled, allows you to sync your Google Tasks list.
Invoice Denotes an invoice that can be edited, cancelled, or marked as paid.
Issue Denotes a resolved or unresolved issue.
Milestone Denotes an incomplete or completed milestone.
More Adds tags and checklist items to tasks in templates and projects.
Pin Allows you to “pin” parts of Kantata OX for future accessibility and reference.
Prefill Allows you to pre-fill task and project names from the previous week.
Critical Priority Indicates a task marked as critical priority in the project workspace.
High Priority Indicates a task assigned with as high priority in the project workspace.
Low Priority Indicates a task masked as low priority in the project workspace.
Project Card View View recently accessed or updated projects in an organized card format.
Project Information Displays a list of project descriptions, including project-level custom fields.
Project List View View the status of your projects in a real-time list format.
Remove Removes or deletes something in Kantata OX.
Resource Shaping Distribute scheduled or planned hours with the Resource Shaping tool.
Search Displays a search field or initiates a search.
Shared Template Denotes that a template can be shared with other team members.
Support Displays a menu containing Kantata OX help and support links.
Task Denotes an incomplete or completed task.
Task ID Displays the Task Details ID reference link, a unique identifier for each task.
Time Entry Allows you to submit and track time entries within a project or task ID.
Timer Allows you to start and stop tracking time for work.
Trash Deletes the current or selected item.
View Allows you to view and comment on a proof in the Proofing Workspace.


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