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Using Web Connector to Integrate Intuit QuickBooks Desktop and Mavenlink

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On May 17th, Mavenlink discontinued support for the older and insecure TLS 1.0 HTTPS protocol. Moving forward, all connections to Mavenlink must be made via TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2.

To ensure that you can continue to use the QuickBooks Web Connector to integrate with Mavenlink, you'll need to upgrade to the latest version of the Web Connector that supports these newer and more secure protocols.

Please see the Intuit Blog for more information and upgrade instructions.


About Web Connector (Your Essential Facts)

As you may have heard, Intuit has retired the Intuit Sync Manager as of March 1, 2016. You can read the full announcement from Intuit here. Sync Manager supports integrations between QuickBooks Desktop and external services, including Mavenlink. The change therefore affects all Mavenlink accounts with a QuickBooks Desktop integration; those who use QuickBooks Online are not affected.  

We negotiated a special Sync Manager extension for Mavenlink customers (your existing integration will work through May 1, 2016), and we’ve found a way to keep QuickBooks Desktop talking to Mavenlink. To proactively support our user community’s continued use of QuickBooks, we are maintaining support for QuickBooks Desktop integration through a tool called the Intuit Web Connector.

The Intuit Web Connector is a desktop application that allows QuickBooks Desktop to send and receive data from your Mavenlink account. To help you make the switch, we’ve included installation instructions below.

You can learn more about Intuit’s shift to Web Connector and find other valuable information in its QuickBooks community support page.

We are here to support you in this transition of your Desktop integration. Email us at for questions related to your Mavenlink-QuickBooks integration. For questions or concerns related to Intuit’s decision to end support for Sync Manager, please contact Intuit directly.

Important note: Intuit Web Connector works only on Windows PCs. QuickBooks for Mac does not support the Web Connector. Therefore, QuickBooks for Mac users will need to either switch to QuickBooks Online or run QuickBooks from a virtual PC to maintain an integration with Mavenlink and other web services.

Effect on your Mavenlink Data

Intuit’s retirement of Sync Manager will not affect any data already sent to and from QuickBooks. Time entries and expenses you’ve sent from Mavenlink to QuickBooks will still exist in your QuickBooks account, and these will still be marked as “sent” in your Mavenlink application.

One important change is related to the way the two applications talk to each other. Previously, Mavenlink pushed data into QuickBooks with Sync Manager, and Mavenlink fetched data via our own Re-sync and Send actions. With Web Connector, Mavenlink can no longer initiate the data transfers. Instead, you’ll use a simple Update Selected button in the Web Connector application.

To support this, you can now flag your time and expenses as “Ready to Sync” in Mavenlink. When you click the Update Selected button in the Web Connector, everything flagged as “Ready to Sync” will be copied over.

If you have mapping changes, select “Re-Sync” to flag the updates as ready to be copied over. Once the Update Selected button in the Web Connector is clicked, these flagged changes will be copied over to QuickBooks.

Installation Details for Admins

Installing Your QuickBooks Web Connector

To download QuickBooks Web Connector for your Windows desktop computer, please visit the official Intuit download page

Please note you will need to select the correct version of Web Connector that works with your version of QuickBooks Desktop. To ensure you download the correct Web Connector version, visit the Intuit download page. There, make sure you see your version of QuickBooks Desktop under the Web Connector version heading. To find out which version you have installed, go to:

Last Note on Installations: The QuickBooks Web Connector should be downloaded only once. This is because Web Connector is designed to run on only one company file, on a Windows Desktop computer. Your team should therefore install Web Connector on the computer with your copy of QuickBooks installed. If you have multiple companies and/or multiple Mavenlink accounts that talk to QuickBooks, you will need to follow these configuration steps for each.

Your Configuration Steps  

Step 1: Install Web Connector

Please see details above.

Step 2 (For new QuickBooks Desktop integrations) : Access QuickBooks Configuration Page in Mavenlink

From the QuickBook Settings page in Mavenlink, select the option to enable QuickBooks Desktop Integration. This will take you to the QuickBooks configuration page.

Step 2 (For existing QuickBooks Desktop integrations using Sync Manager): Select the Switch to Web Connector button

Important: Once you do this step, your QuickBooks will not sync with Mavenlink until you finish the Web Connector configuration steps as described below. If for some reason, you want to go back to using Sync Manager in order to do a sync, you can select the Remove button on the QuickBook Settings page to reverse this. This should be used only temporarily as Sync Manager will not work after May.

Step 3: Download and Open Configuration File

Download the Mavenlink connection file using the link provided on the QuickBooks configuration page. Once you have saved your Mavenlink connection file to your PC, open it. Opening this file will automatically open the Web Connector you have already installed, and doing so will also connect the Web Connector to Mavenlink. Make sure that the Mavenlink file is selected in the Web Connector's main view.

Step 4: Set the connection password in the Web Connector

Only your Mavenlink account admins will have access to allow the Web Connector to talk to Mavenlink. This is because only Admins can access the Account Settings page, which contains the Web Connector-specific password. To do this, select “show password” in your Mavenlink QuickBooks Settings page and copy/paste this password into your Web Connector password field.

Step 5: Click the Update Selected button in the Web Connector

When this button is clicked for the first time, it runs the behind the scene process to convert your current Sync Manager QBD mappings to Web Connector QBD mappings. Please review your mappings and fix any that did not automatically convert by clicking the Setup button on the QuickBook Settings page.

Your Mavenlink to Web Connector integration setup is complete! Congratulations!

To use your integration, pull pending data from Mavenlink into QuickBooks or to populate the QuickBook data values in Mavenlink's mapping definition page, click the Update Selected button in the Web Connector. Any fields you have tagged as “Ready to Sync” in Mavenlink will be pulled into QuickBooks.

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