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Configurable Global Task List

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You can customize the Global Task List to view information that is most relevant to you. The Global Task List displays Tasks, Deliverables, Milestones, and Issues across all your projects. With the Configurable Task List, you can:

Select Columns

Select the columns you want displayed in the new drop-down menu labeled “Columns.” We’ve added several new columns, including task custom fields, so you can really leverage them in your workflow. You can also search for columns by entering the column name in the “Columns” drop-down search box.


Reorder Columns

Want to see important information first? Drag and drop columns in the “Columns” drop-down to determine the order in which they are displayed.


Filter Columns

Filter select columns such as “Type,” “Status,” “Assignees,” “Archived,” “Start”, “Due”, “Priority”, custom date and custom list fields. You can filter multiple columns at a time, making it easier for you to see information that is most relevant to you.


Access Preset Views

Access preset views similar to the views in your Project Task Trackers such as “Info,” “Progress,” “Finances,” etc. Happen to like a view? You can select it as your default!


Customize Your View

You can configure and save a custom view with the columns you’d like displayed, their order, and applied filters. We’ll save this view so you can easily access it at any time.


Export Task List

Export tasks across all your projects with all columns or just the columns you’ve selected to display, in Excel or CSV format. 



This feature is available to all users on paid accounts, although certain financial data will only be visible to users with financial access in a project. If you have feedback or need support, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact our team at


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