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Enhanced Time Tracking Settings

[Premier, Enterprise]

You now have more granular control over how collaborators track their time on your account. 

Require Time Entries to be Tracked Against an Item

With this option selected, time loggers must indicate a task to which they are logging time. They will NOT be able to log time without having an associated task.


Require Assignment for Time Tracking

With this option selected, time loggers will only be able to track time on tasks to which they are assigned. When logging a time entry, they will only be able to select from a list of their assigned tasks.


Track Time Against Specific Task Types

This setting will allow you to specify what types of tasks users on your account will be able to track time on. If a task type (Task, Deliverable, Milestone, Issue) is unchecked, users will no longer see that task type in any list of tasks when logging time. 

These new settings can be used separately or in conjunction. They can provide you with even greater organization and control over how time is tracked on your account.

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