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Custom Workweeks Overview

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This article walks you through how to enable and create custom workweeks for both your account and individual account members. Custom Workweeks allow you to tailor Mavenlink’s real-time Utilization Report to the realities of your business—regardless if your entire team works on the same schedule or if you have some employees on a part-time schedule.


With Custom Workweeks, you can create your account-wide Workweek, defining how many possible hours there are per day and which days are workdays for all Account Members. You can then create overrides at the user-level for anyone working a different schedule. Mavenlink uses Custom Workweeks to determine who is over allocated in Resource Scheduling and to tell you your team’s Scheduled and Actual Utilization in real-time.


To enable Workweeks, a Premier Admin on your Account needs to navigate to the Workweeks section of Settings, located on the Left-Hand Navigation. You can choose to define a start date for your workweek, or leave your first workweek to be in effect from the beginning of time. If you leave the first start date blank, Mavenlink will always calculate your Utilization (even for historically) using the first workweek.

To provide for account-wide schedule changes, you can create a schedule of workweeks by adding additional workweeks and setting their start date. Setting the start date sets the end date for the previous workweek. In other words, only one workweek is active for any Account Member at any one time. If you need to make a change, you can always go back and edit any existing workweek. Any edits you make here will apply to all Account Members who do not have their own Custom Workweek.

Now that you’ve set at least one Account Workweek, you can create a Custom Workweek for a user by navigating to the Account Members section and clicking on the desired user’s name. From the Account Members Detail View, you can click on the Workweeks section to see that user’s schedule of workweeks and make any adjustments.


Why must the start date be a Sunday?

  • In order to unify the schedule of workweek, we chose to standardize on Sunday as the start period for workweeks. This way, there can be no partial workweek schedules.

How does the Utilization Report calculate Actual Hours?

  • Utilization is calculated taking the total hours tracked during the time period selected and dividing those hours by the possible hours. When Custom Workweeks are enabled, we determine the possible hours using the workweek set for that user. For example, if Michael’s Custom Workweek looked like this:His possible hours for the week of March 20, 2016 are 20. If he only tracked 10 hours during that week, his Actual Utilization is 50%. If only 5 of those hours were billable, his Billable Utilization is 25%
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