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Edit Task Details in Gantt

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You now have additional editing capabilities at your disposal in Mavenlink’s Gantt Charts! Whether you’re setting up a project template or adjusting your project’s plan, you can edit assignees, dependencies, priority, and status using the worksheet side of the Gantt chart (located on the left side of the Gantt view).

To edit a field in the worksheet, simply double click and make the appropriate change.

If you prefer setting dependencies in the worksheet, you’ll want to navigate to the “Predecessors” column and edit the row of the task that you wish to have a relationship with another task. Using the row number on the left, indicate the number of the preceding task. If you wish to define a relationship other than Start to Finish, indicate the relationship using the two letter abbreviation after the predecessor number as follows:

  • SS: Start to Start
  • SF: Start to Finish
  • FF: Finish to Finish
  • FS: Finish to Start

If you’d also like to add lag, you can add positive or negative lag by adding +1 or -1.

In this example, the Design task is dependent on Discovery. It has a dependency relationship of Start to Start and a lag of one day before Design starts.

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