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Insights Dashboard Configuration

 [Premier Customers with Insights Access]

Mavenlink Insights dashboards are restricted based on account level permissions. Account Administrators have full access to view, edit, and create Insights Dashboards and Reports by default. Insights allows Account Administrators the flexibility to extend access to your Insights reports by selecting which Dashboards the Reports Viewer permission level can see through Account Settings (“Settings”  → “Insights”). You can also restrict Mavenlink Insights access to Account Administrators by selecting “Only Admins can view Insights dashboards.”



To configure whether Reports Viewers may edit, access Mavenlink data to create Insights reports, or simply view specific insights dashboards navigate to the Insights section of Account Setting. Here you’ll have a few options at your disposal:


Access to Insights

The first option you have is whether only Admins can access Insights or Admins and Reports Viewers.

  • By selecting “Reports Viewers and admins can view Insights dashboards” you’re giving Reports Viewers the same type of access to Insights as Admins-- they’ll be able to have full view and edit ability in Insights.
  • The second option, “Only admins can view Insights Dashboards” means that Insights will only be available to Admins. Keep in mind that you can still schedule reports to be emailed to other Account Members, if you wish to share certain reports with non-Admins.


Configuring Access to Particular Dashboards

If you’d like your Reports Viewers to only be able to see, but not edit or create custom reports, you can further restrict access with the next set of options. Please note that if you want to restrict Reports Viewers access from particular reports, such as those that include cost information, you’ll want to select configure this setting so that “Reports Viewers are view-only.”

  • By selecting “Reports Viewers can view and edit all Insights dashboards”, Reports viewers will be able to create custom reports and modify existing reports, as well as save a custom view, and schedule reports to be delivered at a certain frequency.  
  • Opting to restrict Reports Viewers to “view-only access” to Insights Dashboards allows Account Administrators to determine which dashboards Reports Viewers will have the ability to view. This restricts the Reports Viewers access to Mavenlink data used to create and edit reports, while maintaining their access to save their preferred view, and schedule reports to custom and standard dashboards.



Once you’ve made your Reports Viewers view-only, you can select which dashboards are visible to your Reports Viewers below. You can choose which dashboards you want to display in the left-nav to all users (Account Admins and Reports Viewers) and select which Dashboards Reports Viewers can have access to.

You can also clone and navigate directly to a specific Dashboard within this view.


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