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Create a New Project



Projects are the foundation of any services organization. Therefore, when creating a new project, it’s important to carefully consider your options.

To create a project in Mavenlink, hover over Projects on the left-side nav bar and select Add New (“   ”). Alternatively, you can select Projects from the left-side nav bar and then click the Add Project button on the following Projects page.


Note: To create projects, a user needs either the Project Creator account permission level (for non-financial projects) or the Project Lead account permission level or higher (for financial projects).

The Create a New Project page is broken up into sections that allow you to configure your initial project details; some sections only appear under certain conditions (e.g. creating a project from a Template or Estimate).Projects-Create-New.png

The Create a New Project page consists of the following sections:

  • General
  • Privacy
  • Organizations
  • TemplateTemplate Preferences
  • Estimate Preferences
  • Provider Team
  • Financials
  • Groups
  • Project Color (if enabled)
  • Custom Fields


You’ll start by providing a project name; this will be visible to anyone you invite to the project.

In Mavenlink, there are two sides (i.e. teams) to every project: the Provider and the Client. Select your team for this project.

  • The Provider is the team providing the service. For Premier customers, the provider sends invoices and creates time and expense entries.
  • The Client is typically the requester of the service. For Premier customers, this is the team that receives invoices and pays for the services rendered.
    Note: Teams and Premier customers are able to customize these project team names.

Next, you can enter the Start Date, End Date, and add a Description of the project.Projects-General-2.png 


In the Privacy section, use the Who Can Participate and Who Can See Communications drop-down menus to give account members the ability to access projects while limiting others from joining voluntarily. 

Note: The options in the Who Can Participate section will vary depending on if Organizations are enabled on your account.



The Organizations section is where you can choose your organizations by department and/or geography. Keep in mind that these settings only prevent members from voluntarily adding themselves to projects. Depending on your Privacy settings, members in a project are allowed to invite others to Join the project, regardless of the organization(s) to which they belong.

Note: The Organizations section only appears if Organizations are enabled on your account.


Template / Template Preferences

When creating a new project from a template, the Template and Template Preferences section becomes available in the Create a New Project page.

You'll need to provide individual project details, such as relative dates and whether weekends are treated like workdays (i.e., the task duration will include weekend days). You’ll also have the option to map unnamed resources to real account members, automatically inviting and assigning those account members to the appropriate tasks.Projects-New-Templates-2.png

Estimate Preferences

When creating a new project from an estimate, the Estimate Preferences section becomes available in the Create a New Project page.

To create planned hours based on your estimate, you’ll need to map your resources placeholders to actual account members. Planned hours can not be created for unassigned resources; therefore, unassigned resources do not carry over to the new project.


In the Assign Resources area, you will see the Roles and Resource Placeholders that were defined in the selected scenario. Use the Assign A User drop-down menu to select the user you’d like to allocate for the project. The Role of the user chosen for the project will default to their Account Role; this can be changed later in the project’s Rates & Roles page.

Provider Team



The ability to set a project budget and configure other financial settings is only available for Mavenlink Premier customers; to access our Premier features, contact us at



In the Groups section, you can select a group(s) that the project will be associated with. 


Project Color

This section only appears if Project Colors are enabled in General Settings where the default color is set by an Account Administrator. To change the color of the project, select a new one from the Project Color drop-down menu.Project-Color-PS_copy.png

Custom Fields

This section is only available for Mavenlink Premier customers; to access to Premier features, contact us at providing all the necessary information, click Create Project.Projects-New-Create-Clone-Buttons.pngWhen creating a new project, you’ll see a Save and Clone button alongside the Create Project button. This allows you to quickly create and customize similar types of projects without having to re-enter all of the same information.

Now that you've created a project, it’s time to add a few tasks to build out your project plan.

From here on out, you'll be able to manage your project settings by selecting Settings from the Actions (“   ”) drop-down menu located to the right of the project name.


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