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Insights Overview

[Available to Premier Customers]

Get the visibility you need to make swift, informed decisions with interactive business intelligence reports and a powerful custom reporting engine.

Key Features

  • Over 100 expert-built reports automatically answer key questions impacting profitability, utilization, and project success. 
  • Filter, clone, and modify any report
  • Ad hoc report builder to develop your own unique reports and dashboards

Eight Dashboards of Insights Reports


  • All about my “top line” results. How do budget actuals compare with my schedule? How much value have I earned?

Margin & Cost

  • Discover what’s impacting my bottom line. What is each project’s profitability, both currently and the estimate at complete (EAC)?


  • Reports puts a fresh focus on managing company resources, analyzing both past performance and future potential.
  • Show how busy my team is and how much of their work is billable. Also learn who is scheduled, which resources are available, and when.


  • The Resourcing Dashboard is focused on resource availability and facilitates assignments by allowing users to view Master Planning demand with availability of resources.

Time & Expense Admin

  • Assess where my resources are spending their time, and verify that it aligns with expectations.
  • Reports focused on time and expense entry analysis with visibility into the state of the entries: Unsubmitted, Unapproved, Rejected etc.
  • There is a breakout of time and expenses for projects that do not require approval to focus on those unapproved transactions that require approval.

Project Details

  • Drill down into specific projects or groups of projects. Understand key status metrics (financial, hour burned, percent complete) to assess project health.

Recurring and Retainer

  • Show the recurring revenue streams within their respective months
  • Comparison of actual fees burn to budgets and invoices on a monthly basis

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