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Archive and Delete Projects

Archiving a Project

If you’ve wondered what to do with projects once they are complete or on hold, here are a couple of options! This article will provide some guidance on how to archive or delete a project, why you might consider doing so and who can take these actions.

Why archiving is helpful
Archiving projects is a good way to keep your project list current so you can focus on active projects. It allows you to retain information for historical purposes. It also increases the accuracy of reports by only using data from active projects, rather than projects that are on hold or complete.

Who can archive projects
Only participants on the provider team with project administrator permissions can archive a project. Clients cannot archive a project, even with the highest permission level. They can only export it via PDF.

How to archive a project
Given the right permission level, archiving a project is easy! Navigate to the project you would like to archive. In the header, click the project settings gear icon next to the project name. You will see a dropdown menu that includes an option to “Archive project”. When a project is archived, it goes into view-only mode for all project participants. You can always un-archive a project using the same gear menu by clicking “Un-archive project".





Deleting a project

Who can delete projects
Only the project admin on the provider team can delete a project. There is one exception to this: a project can be deleted by someone with a lower project permission level (such as collaborator), if they were the project creator. However, even in this scenario a project admin can remove the collaborator from the project and delete it, regardless of the fact that they were not the project creator.

How to delete a project
In the project settings gear menu, there is an option to “Delete Project”. This option will display when you are the only one left in the project (all other project participants have to be removed) and there has yet to be an invoice on the project. Once invoicing has occurred, a project can only be archived as it is a financial record. When you delete a project, it cannot be recovered.

When removing project participants, you’ll notice that team leads cannot be removed. If you find yourself in this situation, please designate the project admin as team lead. The admin can then delete all remaining participants from the project.



Could I delete all projects?
No. Only non-financial projects can be deleted. A project is considered “financial” if it has a budget. If there are active financial details such as an invoice, time entries or expenses, a project cannot be deleted.


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