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The Mavenlink Client Experience

This article describes a Client’s experience in Mavenlink while contrasting it with that of a Provider. If you’re thinking about inviting your client to work with you in Mavenlink and wondering what their experience is like, please read on! We’ll take a look at several features and how visibility of data differs between Providers and Clients who share the same project permission level. In the images that follow, “Lesley Ward”  is a Provider Admin and “Mike Lee”  is a Client Admin.

Project Collaboration and Activity Feed

Similar to participants on the Provider team, a Client can create posts in a project and make them visible to everyone or restrict visibility. Clicking “Public,” will make the post visible to everyone in the project and notify them via email. Clicking “Private,” allows you to choose who can see your post and receive notifications about it. Any private posts that participants on the Provider team shared privately will not be visible to the Client. Any files that were shared privately with the Provider team will not be visible to Clients. Providers can bring Clients into a private thread by adding them to a post. Note: this will give the Client access to the entire thread, similar to adding someone to an email thread.You can also use @mentions to alert specific people of your post and if you would like to add some flair to your post, type “:” to select an emoji.



To view or download files related to a project, click the “Files” tab in your project. All files uploaded to a project can be found here where you can preview, download or delete files using the appropriate action buttons on the right. Keep in mind that only files attached to a public post will be visible to all project participants.

Project Schedule

As a Client, you can view project schedule dates (start and due), as well as propose new dates. If change management has been enabled on the project, team members are required to submit date changes for approval as part of a change management workflow. The request will appear on the Activity Feed where the Client can then approve or deny it. Clients can also propose a change in project schedule from the “Schedule” tab in the Activity Feed as well as view a history of submissions and approvals related to date changes.


Project Budget

Clients with Project Financials access (or higher) can see the “Budget” and “Payment” tabs in the Activity Feed. Clients can see the total budget, including the original budget and any budget changes resulting from changes orders. They cannot see burn against the budget anywhere in the project. For example, take a look at the differences in the Provider admin view vs. Client admin view as it relates to the Budget tab and Project List view.

Invoices and Payments

All invoices submitted by the Provider appear on the Activity Feed, where you can view details such as the description of services rendered along with hours, dates, and rates. Clients can pay an invoice by clicking “Pay this invoice” on the Activity Feed post.

The “Payment” tab displays the total project budget, amount, percentage invoiced, amount paid, and remaining. Clients can also see a “Pay via PayPal” button, which they use to pay the Provider (if the PayPal integration is in place).



Task Tracker

Clients can see general task details under “Task Information” view, as well as create issues and view them in “Issue Tracking.” Clients cannot see any financial details for a task such as the budget associated with it or if the task is billable/non-billable. When viewing task details, Clients can see task detail, linked posts and files. They cannot see scheduling or custom fields. Note: task status is visible to Clients but project status is not.


Clients are restricted in terms of what they can see on Gantt. Unlike the Provider team, Clients cannot see Gantt history, baseline or progress against the budget.


In summary, Providers can invite Clients into projects and collaborate effectively without compromising the visibility of sensitive information. Have you invited a client to work with you in Mavenlink yet? Give it a try! If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact our Support team. 


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