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New Tools for Resource and Task Management

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Your task schedule and resource schedule are now linked for easier overall management. You can find this Resource Scheduling setting under General Settings.

Note: This setting is turned ON by default.

When changes are made to the dates of a task, deliverable, or milestone, any allocated resource hours shift to match those changes automatically. Resources shift when three conditions are met: the task changes are made via the Gantt chart for tasks that are in a “Not Started” state,  the tasks being shifted are void of time entries; and the task must have the same duration before and after the shift for the change to apply.

Please note that if resource hours were previously allocated on a weekend, they will be shifted to a weekday.


You can also now realign your scheduled resource hours if they have become out of sync with your task dates. Under the “Scheduling” option of a task, you’ll see an “Align scheduled time” button, which will move all scheduled time to line up with the task start date.

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