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An Update to Your Mavenlink Dashboard

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We have upgraded your account dashboard with a modern and intuitive view. You can now see panels of important information, each of them collapsable if they aren’t the most relevant for you.


The People panel allows Account Admins to see who is with you in your Mavenlink account and quickly invite more members. All customers have quick access to adjust their Mavenlink Profile.


The Projects panel allows you to see the latest project you have been working on and what their statuses are. You also have the ability to quickly add any new projects you are working on, provided that you have the appropriate permission level.


The Activity Feed panel shows you the latest posts, files, and changes across all of your projects. You have the ability to view details and respond to posts just like with your current dashboard.


The Tasks panel shows your task assignments due over the next 7 days. This gives you quick access to the details of items in your immediate queue.


If you have Financial access, the Invoices panel shows you any outstanding invoices across all of your projects.



The Tutorials panel has videos to help you get started and guide you in best utilizing Mavenlink.

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