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How To Set Up Team Names

Available in: EnterprisePremierProfessionalTeams, and Free

Permission level: Project Creator and above

Why customize team names?

Customization allows the Mavenlink experience to feel like an extension of your business, not only for your employees, but for your clients as well. When your team members and clients collaborate inside the application, they’ll feel like they are using your application — not ours.

Customizing your team names is a helpful way to keep everyone organized and on track. When you’re collaborating in a lot of projects at once, it’s important to keep your team names standardized so your team is clear on who is on their team and who their clients are.

How to set-up team names

First let’s cover the difference between the Provider and Customer:

  • The Provider is the team that is providing the service. In a Premier project workspace, the provider sends invoices and creates time and expense entries.
  • A Customer is typically the requester of the services. In a Premier project workspace, this is the team that receives invoices and pays for the services rendered.

Note: if you’re an Account Administrator you can set default custom team names which will be used whenever a project is created by a member of your account. You can also customize team names on a per project basis, as explained below.

How to set up team names when you create a project:

Setting up team names is easy! Navigate to the Project section in the left-hand navigation bar and click on the plus sign (+) to add a new project. After giving your project a title, the next step is to add team names under the “Select Your Team” section.  From here, continue filling out the rest of the page to set up your project for success. Scroll to the bottom and click Create Project.

How to set up team names via Project Settings (post project creation):

To adjust team names in a project that’s already in progress, click on the gear icon next to your project’s title and click on Settings. From here you can edit your team names and more.

Where do these team names show up?

The team names will show up to the right of your Project’s Activity Feed in the Admin Box. You will see the Customer and Provider team names with the relevant team members listed below.

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