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Mavenlink's New Look: Cleaner Navigation, More Custom Branding Options

When you log into Mavenlink this week, you will notice things look a little different. To match the growth and maturity of our products and features, we unveiled a new look for Mavenlink that better reflects our mission of helping our customers transform the way they conduct business.

With the new logo comes a major upgrade to our application’s user interface. Based on user feedback, we introduced a new left-hand navigation bar that will be easier to understand and navigate. You’ll find the same functionality, but with a cleaner and streamlined feel.

Links to everything you can do in Mavenlink are now found on the left, and everything that relates to you individually, such as your profile and settings, are located in the top right.

For our customers who use Mavenlink’s custom branding, the new navigation puts your organization's brand front and center. Your branding settings will transition over automatically, so no action is necessary. However, you may want to take this opportunity to upload a new logo to optimize the look of your team’s Mavenlink experience.


A few tips:

  • If your logo looks fuzzy, you probably need a larger image file. Account admins can sign into Mavenlink and upload a logo on the custom branding page (Settings → Custom Branding).
  • Square images, like what you might use on your Twitter account, will now look best.
  • Account admins can also add custom links to the slide-out navigation bar. If you’re not using this feature yet, it’s a great way to tailor Mavenlink for your team and clients by linking to your company’s blog, social media pages, or other internal systems.
  • You can get more details on setting your custom branding by reading our Knowledge Base article.


If you have any questions about the changes, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through your account manager or by emailing us at

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