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Time Approval Administration

[For Premier Customers]

Time Approval Administration allows Project Managers and Administrators to administer all their project's time from one place. Premier customers with Project Financials access in a project requiring time approvals can navigate to the Time Approvals section to see all their projects that require time approval. From here, you’ll see who has submitted time and be able to review it. You’ll also see who still needs to submit time and be able to send them a reminder. 

If you have an account permission of Report Viewer or higher, select the Your Approvals check box to see only the specific time sheets that you're responsible for approving. Deselect it to view or take action on all submissions. If you do not have an account permission of Report Viewer or higher, you will only be able to approve time in the project's Activity Feed.


The time approver can see a high level view of which projects have unsubmitted time, pending time, approved time, and rejected time. From there, you can drill into a project and see each time submitted by project participant.  Depending on the state of the time submission, you can approve, reject, message, and view their timesheet.

To require approvals by default for new projects, Account Administrators can go to Settings → Account → General and scroll down to Time and Expense Approvals. Check the box that says “Require Time Approvals.” If time approvals are required for a project, then only approved items can be invoiced or sent to QuickBooks.


  • You'll have a centralized place to review time
  • You can see who hasn’t submitted their time and remind them from the same place
  • Time Approvals ensures that only approved time appears on an invoice to your clients


Have your employees fill out their time sheets weekly. All approved time entries will be available to invoice when you’re ready. In other words, your invoicing schedule does not need to match your weekly time review process. 

It’s possible for Account Administrators to review time for projects that they’re not participating in as long as the project is open to them. We recommend setting your project’s default access as “Open to Admin Only” in Account Settings. When an Account Administrator reviews time for a project they’re not in, they will be automatically added to the project.

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