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Pandexio Integration and FAQs

[Teams, Pro, and Premier Accounts]

So much of what teams need to do to be successful is about sharing: shared schedules, shared expectations, and shared goals — all things that your team is able to do with Mavenlink using features like the Task Tracker, Gantt Charts, and Activity Feeds.

Sharing knowledge, however, is something that is just as important to team success, but can be a bit more challenging to accomplish — yet it’s a challenge that Mavenlink has embraced since the beginning, and one we are taking to the next level through an integration with Pandexio.

How can I turn on Pandexio?

Contact your account administrator, they can turn Pandexio on from the settings menu item on the left-hand navigation bar: Settings > Documents > Enable Pandexio Integration

What is a Pandexio snip?

A snip is an excerpt of a document, including both the visual image of the excerpt and the text. All snips retain their link to the source document, including the precise page and snip location within the source document.

How do I create a snip?

While viewing a document within the Pandexio viewer, draw a box with your mouse around the excerpt of content which you seek to snip. You can add a title, notes and tags.

What document types can I view and snip with Pandexio?

PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, most common image and text formats.

What if I have a document that is not compatible, but I want to snip it using Pandexio?

You can convert it to a PDF or an image format like .jpg or .png first (e.g. take a photo with a smartphone).

What do I do when I’m done creating snips and snip-comments?

Just close the separate Pandexio browser tab. Everything is updated already, and the Mavenlink snip count will be updated to reflect the number of snips created.

Do my snip comments show in the Mavenlink Activity Feed?

Document comments are meant to stay with the document, avoiding cluttering the active project post flow. 

How am I notified that someone in the project has created snips on that document?

There is a snip counter on the document that will increment.

Can I edit documents within Pandexio?

No. Pandexio is not designed for authoring or editing of documents, but rather for consuming and collaborating around already-completed documents.

Can anyone in the project edit the titles, notes and tags on snips?

Yes. Snips are shared by all team members who have access to the project, and any project member can create and edit them.

Can anyone in the project delete my snips?

Yes. Snips are shared by all team members who have access to the project.

Can I share my snips with someone who is not in the project?

Not currently.

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