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Global Gantt Chart

[Premier Customers]

Our Premier Global Gantt Chart is the go-to place for project managers and executives to visualize all their projects' progress and health from one view.

You can access the Global Gantt Chart by navigating to the Projects Section and clicking on the Gantt Chart icon.

Here’s how it works:

  • In the Gantt view, you'll see up to 500 active projects that you're in.
  • Filter down using the search field where you can search by project name or group.
  • The Gantt bar start and due dates are determined from the earliest task Start date and latest task due date.
  • The percent complete rolls up from your tasks and is displayed on the bar, as well as in the details section to the left of the timeline view.
  • You can click on "Proj. Dates" to see how your task plan compares against your projects' scheduled start and due dates.
  • If your task plan is way off from your project's schedule, just click on the project’s name on the left to jump to that project's Gantt Chart.
  • You can also view other key information like your project’s duration, budget, burn rate, and the amount that’s been paid in details section to the left.


To compare your project’s schedule against your project’s tasks, Mavens find it helpful to add a start and due date to each project. You can also sort your Gantt Chart by any of the columns listed to the left of the timeline, such as duration, start date, and more!

Global Gantt view

 Expanded Global Gantt view 



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