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How to Add and Bulk Import Account Members

[Account Administrators]
To start using Mavenlink, add a few coworkers to your account:
  1. Click on the Settings section in Mavenlink’s left-hand navigation.
  2. Go to the Members page found under the Account tab.
  3. Click the green Invite Account Members button.
  4. Enter the name, email address, and select the appropriate permission level.
  5. Check the box to accept Mavenlink terms of service before proceeding.
  6. Click the Add button and the user will get an email invitation. 
Then repeat the process for each user you want to add. We suggest initially adding people from your own team so you can learn how to use the Mavenlink together. 

Bulk Import Account Members 
This tool is helpful for importing a large number of account members at once. You must have a tool that supports CSV files to use this feature, such as Microsoft Excel. 
Click the Import button to the left of the Invite Account Members button under the Members section of Account Settings.

  1. Download the CSV template and fill out the following: Full Name, Email, Headline, Bill Rate, Cost Rate, Role and Permission Level (Administrator, Reports Viewer, Project Lead, Project Creator, Punch Clock or Collaborator). Note: to expedite the process, you're only required to fill out the Full Name and Email fields. If a permission level is not specified, the permission will default to Project Creator. 
  2. Save the CSV file to your computer and click the Import button to upload the file. 
  3. It will take a few minutes for the import to process. You'll receive an email confirming the number of people invited and whether there were any errors with the information.
  4. If the error message occurs, the automated email will show each row number and the reason why the invitation was invalid so you can fix and resubmit. 
Common Mistakes:
  • Make sure that your email addresses are formatted correctly.
  • The roles you enter must already exist in the Roles section under Account Settings. 
Maven Tip: You don't need to download new CSV files each time you want to bulk import, just keep the master file updated on your computer. If you imported all your employees and then new employees join, just add the new employees to the same spreadsheet. The confirmation email will tell you which employees you've added already and alert you if you added the new employees incorrectly.
To learn more about Account Permissions, read the Account and Project Permissions article. 
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