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Chrome Extension


You must be logged in to Mavenlink for the Chrome extension to work. If you are signed in to multiple Mavenlink accounts, the extension will not work.

Use our Google Chrome Extension to access all your Mavenlink projects wherever you are on the web. Post messages, add tasks, and track time! The Mavenlink Project Manager Chrome Extension is the best way to keep track of your projects as you browse the web.<

Our Extension allows you to access your Mavenlink projects without having to go to It's the best way to do some quick updates without interrupting your workflow.

When you need to dive deeper into your projects, the Extension makes it easy to jump straight into the full Mavenlink application experience. For example, if you’re a Premier Mavenlink Customers who wants to access Resource Planning, Billing, or Analytics, you can access by clicking on the Mavenlink logo on the far left of the Chrome Extension header. You can also access the corresponding Mavenlink Project Workspace by clicking on the gear icon on the Chrome Extension and selecting “Open in Mavenlink.”

Extension FEATURES

  1. Project management:View all projects and see when they last had activity.
  2. Collaboration: View project messages, post replies, and add new messages.
  3. File management: Upload and download files from your projects, including Google Drive files.
  4. Task management: See all project tasks, add new tasks, update task statuses, and assign work to colleagues.
  5. Time tracking: See all tracked time in your projects and track new time.
  6. Timer functionality: Start the timer when you start working and make a time entry when you're finished.
  7. Web surfing: Add tasks directly from Gmail and websites you visit.

If you’re a heavy Google Chrome user, our Extension will let you access Mavenlink from anywhere on the web.


The Chrome Extension is a useful tool to have open even when you're in Mavenlink so you can keep tabs on two different things at once. For example, you can have your Gantt Chart open in Mavenlink and view that project’s tasks or the Activity Feed from the Chrome Extension.

How do I access the Chrome Extension?

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store Mavenlink-Chrome-Extension.png
  2. Click on the Add To Chrome button to download to Google Chrome.
  3. An alert will pop up asking you if you want to “Add Mavenlink Project Manager” - click "Add" and you’ll see the Mavenlink icon in your Chrome web browser.
  4. To open the Chrome Extension, click on the Mavenlink icon. Note: you won’t be able to open the Chrome Extension from the Chrome Extension Web Store.


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