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Account Permissions

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Account Permissions

In Mavenlink, Account-level permissions determine the overall privileges that are granted to team members. Each project participant also has individual permissions that can be configured at the Project level.


  • Punch Clock—This permission level only allows members to collaborate on projects and create time entries (i.e. clock in and out) using the Timer. Account members with this setting can only see their own time entries in the Time & Expenses tab; these entries are always billable and can only be edited by an Account Administrator.
    Note: A default Bill Rate is required in order to assign members this permission level.
  • Collaborator—Account members with this permission level can collaborate on projects and track time and expenses when participating in projects. This permission level only allows members to see their own time entries in the Time & Expenses tab. 
  • Project Lead—Everything above, plus the ability for members to create and manage financial projects, access other financial information, view and edit time entries from other project participants, view and edit billing rates, invoices, budgets, use budgeted templates, and manage permissions and project settings. Their names and addresses can also appear on project info and invoices.
  • Project Lead—Project leads can create financial projects, use budgeted templates, and are able to be a project administrator.
    • Default Project Permission: Project creator is automatically granted Admin privileges; otherwise, Time & Expense.
  • Reports Viewer—Everything above, plus the ability for members to view analytics reports such as WIP and Utilization.
    • Default Project Permission: Project creator is automatically granted Admin privileges; otherwise, Time & Expense.
  • Account Administrator—Everything above, plus the ability for members to manage account members (set default billing rates and permissions), invite additional members, edit billing information, edit account details and plan, see cost rates, change custom branding, and perform general account maintenance.
    • Default Project PermissionAdmin (members with this level can not be assigned anything lower).

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