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Account Roles

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Roles are how you show the title or position of a person in your organization. They are also a great way to group people in your account for faster access. Account Admins are in charge of creating and applying roles to the people in your organization.

Managing Roles 

For Account Administrators only:

  1. Click on Settings in the left-hand navigation and then click on Roles.
    Note: Changes made in this section will not update existing time entries or expenses that have roles attached to them.
  2. Type a role in the display box and click Add.
  3. To Edit, click the edit pencil next to the role you just entered then Save.
  4. To Delete, click the trashcan icon to the right of the role you just entered.
    Note: At this time, roles in use are not currently editable or deletable.

Applying Roles to Account Members

For Account Administrators only:

  1. Stay in Account Settings and click on Members.  
  2. Apply the role by clicking on the edit pencil icon to the far right of the personnel row.
  3. Click on the Roles drop down and choose from the menu.
    Note: When an Account Role is updated, it will update the Primary Project Role for all of this member's projects, unless that Primary Project Role has an override.

Overriding a Role for a Project

For Project-level Administrators only:

  1. To override the role of an individual, you must first access that project’s Rates & Roles section under your project’s settings.
    Note: You must have Budgets turned on for the project to have Rates & Roles settings.
  2. Follow the instruction here to change a team member's primary Primary Project Role.
    Note: If you change the Account Role for a member and you do not want that role to take effect in active projects, you can override the Primary Project Role in each project.


Setting up roles for your personnel members will help you accurately plan your projects. Say you want to know how much a project will cost, armed with Mavenlink’s Account Rate Card tool and resource planning,  you can start to map out your project’s tasks and resource plan. As all of the assignees have roles and rates, we’ll automatically calculate how much you should budget each task for based on your resource plan.


Setting up roles unlocks additional power in our Master Planning, Rate Cards, and Invoices. In Master Planning, you can filter the list of resources by multiple roles so you’re just planning your projects with the resources who have the right set up skills. In Rate Cards, defining rates and roles will lead to more accurate project projections and billing. You can also display your team’s roles when creating invoices.

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