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How to Create a Project and Start Collaborating

To start collaborating with your team, you will need to first create a project. Select the Create icon in the left navigation bar and click on New Project.


  • On the Create a New Project page, you’ll start by entering a Project. Your project’s name will be visible to anyone you invite to this project.
  • In Mavenlink, there are two sides (i.e. teams) to every project: the Provider and the Client. Select your team for this project.
  • The Provider is the team that is providing the service. In a Premier project workspace, the provider sends invoices and creates time and expense entries.
  • A Client is typically the requester of the services. In a Premier project workspace, this is the team that receives invoices and pays for the services rendered. Note: Teams and Premier customers can also customize the project team names.
  • If you’re a Premier customer, you have the option to set a project budget and configure other financial settings.
  • Next, click Create Project

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