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How to Log Expenses

Expenses can be logged in Mavenlink using a supported web browser or the mobile app; the following explains how to add expenses via web browser.


How to Log an Expense

  1. To log an expense in Mavenlink, hover over Time & Expense from the left-side nav bar and select Expenses.Expenses-Left-Hand-Nav.png
  2. On the Expenses page, start by selecting a project name.New-Expense.png
  3. Next, select a task and then set the Date and Amount.
  4. Choose an expense Category.Category-Drop-Down.png
  5. If you need, you may add some optional Notes.
  6. Check the box if it’s Billable.
  7. If you have a receipt to upload, click the File button to open a standard operating system finder/explorer window and direct Mavenlink to the location of your receipt. Receipt images can be JPEG, GIF, PNG, or BMP (or any other image format that your browser supports).
  8. Click Save to add your expense to the table.Expense-Table.png

Note: This process doesn’t create an invoice or an expense report. To create an expense report, please see our Expense Report article.

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