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Use Tasks to Keep Conversations Organized


You can continue a conversation on your tasks from anywhere you can see them, such as a project’s Task Tracker, the Global Task Tracker, your Dashboard, or Mavenlink’s Advanced Performance Analytics. By posting directly on a task, you can carry on a more contextualized conversation within a defined topic because the conversation is now under the umbrella of a task. In other words, the topic is the task.

Tagging Users

If you want to call attention to a specific task or let someone know you’ve uploaded a document, use the @mention feature to direct a team member or members to that particular task. The @mention is a great tool to let the Project’s Leads know the status of a task as anyone who is @mentioned on Mavenlink will receive a notification. Don’t forget, you can also @all to notify everyone when it’s really important.

Private Posts

You can also create private posts on a task. This is ideal when you have a question that could take the public conversation off track. You can set the privacy of a post to be visible to as many members of the project as you like, whether those individuals are clients or service providers. Privacy settings not only apply to the post, they also apply to attachments. If you’ve uploaded a document or attached a file from Google Drive to a task, you can set the privacy to determine who has access to those files.

Upload Files

You can upload files directly from your computer to linked posts on your tasks. 


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