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How to Create an Expense Report

Premier Customers with Expense Approvals Required


Expense Reports allow you to group related-expenses within a project, keeping the approval process simple. Members responsible for approving expenses will have more context into individual expenses when they are organized by specific trips, events, or groups of purchases.

To create an expense report, you must first log expenses.

How to Create an Expense Report

  1. Hover over Time & Expense from the left-hand nav bar and select Expenses.
  2. Click the New Expense Report button on the top-right.
  3. Click the Project drop-down menu and select the project for which you’re creating an expense report. Keep in mind that projects will only appear in this list if Expenses must be approved before invoicing is enabled in the Project Settings.
  4. Next, give the expense report a name in the Report Name field, and add any optional Notes.
  5. In the Select Expenses section, select the expenses that you want to add to the expense report; only expenses that have been logged against the selected project will be appear.
  6. Click the Create Expense Report button on the bottom-right to submit it for approval.
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