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How to Create an Expense Report

Premier Customers with Expense Approvals Required

Expenses look the same as before, but now have more organizational features. You can now group your project’s expenses into an expense report. The Expense Reports feature allows you to categorize your expenses and gives the approver more context as to what you’re expensing. You can categorize your expenses by a particular trip, event, or group of purchases incurred over the course of the project.

Why are expense reports useful?

Expense reports help to keep your project-related charges organized so your project’s approver has a clear idea of what you’ll be billing the client for.

How do I create an expense report?

First, you must have expenses logged before a report can be created. Then, access the Time & Expenses tab in the left-hand navigation and click on Expense Reports.


2. Click New Expense Report and you will see a blank report.

3. Then enter in the project title from the drop-down menu and give the report a name such as “Marketing Campaign” and add notes (optional) so the reviewer has more context. Select the expenses you’d like to send and click Create Expense Report at the bottom right to submit those expenses for review.


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