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Privacy Settings for Projects in Kantata OX


A project’s privacy settings allow you to control which projects account members can openly join and which projects require an invitation to join. This ensures that members can only view or join projects that Project Administrators—and Project Creators—specify to avoid any confidential project information from being accidentally shared.

Note: Project Administrators can adjust the privacy settings for all projects in the account via the account’s General Settings.

How to Change a Project’s Privacy Settings

  1. In the left navigation, click Projects.
  2. In the Project List on the Projects page, select your project.
  3. In the project workspace, click the Actions icon to the right of the project name and select Settings.
  4. On the Project Settings page, scroll down to the Privacy section and select an option from the Who Can Participate drop-down menu.
    • Invitation Only—Makes the project accessible by invite only.
    • Open to Project Administrators Only—The project is only open to Project Administrators
    • Open to All Account Members—Open to all members on your account.
      Note: If Organizations are enabled, you'll see Open to Organization Members instead.
  5. In the top-right corner of the screen, click Update Project.
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