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Privacy Settings for Projects in Mavenlink

A Project Administrator can change a project's access and privacy settings by selecting Settings from the Actions (“   ”) icon located to the right of the project name.


In the Privacy section of the Project Settings page, you'll find the Who Can Participate drop-down menu. Project Administrators (or project creators) can use the following options to set projects to be:

  • Open to Organization Members—Open to all members on your account. 
  • Open to Project Administrators Only—The project is only open to Project Administrators
  • Invitation Only—Makes the project accessible by invite only.


You can see a list of projects that you can join by selecting Joinable Projects from the Show filter menu on header of the Project List tab of the Projects page (accessible from the the left-hand nav bar).


Click Join to the right of the project name to join the project; you'll need to choose between the Provider or Client team.Join-Project-Column.png

If you have any questions or feedback about this new feature, please contact our world-class support team at We love hearing from you!

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