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Project Groups


Groups are used to organize and categorize projects on your account. Projects can exist in multiple groups, giving you the flexibility to categorize a project by client, department, region name and more. When you create a group, it will only be visible to people on your account.

To access groups, select Projects from the left side navigation and then select the Groups tab. Click the Add Group button to create a new group.

Once you’ve created a group, there are two ways to add projects to a group. From the Projects tab

  1. Select the projects you wish to associate with a group.
  2. Click Add Groups.
  3. Start typing and select the group(s).

OR from the Groups tab

  1. Open an existing group or create a new group
  2. Select Add Project
  3. Start typing and select the project you wish to add to the group

If you wish to remove projects from a group, you can do so by opening the Group Side Panel and selecting the Remove icon next to each group.


Client Contact Management

Client contact management makes it possible to keep track of the contact details for each of your clients within Mavenlink. It also allows you to store notes for each client, so you can keep track of things like who you have interacted with on their team or preferred meeting times.

From the Group Side Panel

  1. Check the “Is this group a company?” checkbox
  2. Enter the applicable contact details in the form.


Premier members can use Groups in Analytics to see their Margins across projects for a particular company, department or category, WIP, Time Tracking and Utilization.

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