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Groups make it simple to organize and categorize your data by client, department, region name, and more. Groups are also a great way to manage client contact information in Kantata OX. You can store notes for each client and track important information, such as who you’ve interacted with and their preferred meeting times. It also helps you view projects that you are working on with a particular client.

Plus, when you create Groups, it adds a layer of efficiency to your filter options in places like the Gantt Chart. In Performance Analytics, Premier members can view reports—including MarginUtilization, WIP, Time Tracking, and Time Approvals—by group.

To get started, click Projects from the left-hand nav bar and select the Groups tab. Here is where you’ll manage your groups, view notes and see contact information for clients. Just click the Add Group button to create a new group.Add_Group.png

Type a group name in the box at the top, and click Save. Keep in mind that, when you create a group, it will only be visible to members on your account.

The Groups side panel consists of four sections where you can add and edit information; Details, Projects, Client and Custom Fields. The Custom Fields section will appear after you add and save the group name.


Add any notes that you want to appear next to the name in the Groups list. This may be information about the group or about your customer if the group is a client.


This is where you add projects to the group. Click the Add a project field and select one from the drop-down list. You can add multiple projects to the same group. If you want to remove a project from the list, simply click the Remove icon  in the Actions column.


If the group is a client, select the Is this group a client? checkbox. The contact information fields will become editable, and you can enter optional Contact Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, and Website URL. Any information you add here will be readily visible in the Groups list.

Custom Fields

This section displays all the Group Custom Fields (arranged alphanumerically) previously created by Account Administrators in Settings > Custom Fields. You are not able to add or delete custom fields from the Groups side panel.
When you’re finished, click the Remove icon  on the top-right of the side panel to close it. Your information will automatically be saved. You can come back and edit or add projects at any time by clicking the name of the group on the Groups tab. To delete a group, open it and click the Trash Can   icon on the top-right of the panel.

You can also add a project directly to a group by selecting the checkbox to the left of the project name on the Project List tab and clicking Add to Groups at the bottom of the page. Select the projects that you want to add to the group. To narrow your search, start typing all or part of the group name in the Search field.

Note: To add a group to an archived project, it must first be unarchived.

Primary Group

Once you've created a group, you have the option to set it as the Primary Group for a project. Doing this will enhance your custom reporting in Insights even further, such as by calculating hours or placing it in tables. 

Note: To create a custom report for the Primary Group, you will need to select the Project: Primary Group attribute during the report customization process.

To assign a primary group, go to your Project Settings and then select the desired group from the Select Primary Group drop-down menu. select_primary_group.png

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