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Navigate the Google Tasks Integration

The Google Tasks integration allows you to access your tasks from Tasks in Gmail.

If your Mavenlink and Google accounts are not already integrated, reference the Google Workspace Integration Overview article.

Navigate and Use the Mavenlink Google Tasks Integration

    1. Navigate to the Task Tracker in a Mavenlink project. TaskTracker.png
    2. Open your Gmail/Calendar account and navigate to Tasks in the upper right-hand corner.TasksNav.png
    3. Select the task list that corresponds to the project from Step 1. Any tasks assigned to you in Mavenlink should now also appear in your Google Tasks list.My-Tasks.gif
    4. Changes made in Google Tasks (such as adding tasks or changing task status) will be reflected in Mavenlink as well.
    5. If updates do not display, click the Sync Google Tasks button in the Task Tracker.SyncGTasks.png
      Note: Tasks only show up in Google Tasks if they are assigned to you in Mavenlink.


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