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Planned Budget

[Premier Project Leads using the resource planning tool]

The Project Budget calculation will help you optimize job costing by calculating how much you should charge for your tasks. In your task’s Scheduling detail view, you’ll see a suggested budget based on your resource plan.


  • Project Budgets makes it easy to set a realistic budget because your Project Budget calculation is based on your resource plan and the appropriate bill rate for those Scheduled hours. This data helps you make informed planning and financial decisions.
  • You'll get visibility into the Project Budget calculation via the Resource Scheduling Details view. This visibility helps the person planning the proposal easily set the task budget.
  • For projects with Rate Cards, the bill rate used to calculate the Project Budget refers to the rate card effective period. In other words, if the resource plan date is in the future and a different rate card version will be in effect, the Project Budget will use that future rate card for those future hours.

I want to figure out how much to charge for a task, where do I start?

First set up your resource plan to calculate see how many hours your team will spend on the task. You can access the Scheduling view from a task's Detail View drop down menu.

From there, begin assigning people on your team to the task and scheduling the hours you expect them to work. You can use the Resource Shaping Tool to spread the hours evenly over time by clicking on the icon with the blue arrows (next to the gear icon).

Once you've scheduled hours, you'll see the Scheduled Hours and Project Budget update based on your changes. The Project Budget tool is using the resource plan hours and multiplying it by the appropriate bill rate to suggest a budget.

Now that you know how much the Project Budget is, you'll have an easier time setting the task budget.




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