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Mavenlink API Overview

[Any account with Admin access]          


You could build virtually any feature you see on Mavenlink with our API. Mavenlink's API provides access to the majority of Mavenlink's data model. The API authenticates requests using OAuth2 tokens and exists primarily to allow scripts and 3rd-party applications to access and manage Mavenlink data on behalf of Mavenlink users. As part of the API, Mavenlink customers can easily approve applications via the OAuth 2 protocol. OAuth 2 allows application developers to request permissions and interact securely with Mavenlink on behalf of Mavenlink customers. Users can see their authorized applications, as well as de-authorize an application. This shows up on the Password settings page when anything has been authorized.

To begin using the Mavenlink API, you must be a Mavenlink account admin. Visit the API page in the Account settings area. Then register your application and then head over to the Mavenlink developer site for all of the API documentation. We will continue to expand our API over time, allowing developers from any company to incorporate Mavenlink’s features and user base in order to create valuable and compelling applications.

Email to give us your feedback, report any bugs, let us know if you have any questions, and tell us what features you’d like to see in our API to empower your own applications.



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