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Google Apps Integration Overview 

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Mavenlink is the #1 Project Management Software in the Google Apps Marketplace. To integrate Mavenlink with Google Apps so that your account can work seamlessly with Google Drive, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Google Tasks, you’ll want to navigate to the Google Apps section, found under your Profile drop-down menu. Select which Google App integration you want and click “Activate.” Be sure to grant Mavenlink Access to the Google services you have chosen. 

You can also integrate with Google through the Google Apps Marketplace so that Mavenlink is accessible from your Google Nine Square.

If your company has already done an account-wide Google App integration, there is no need to do any of this. Your Mavenlink account is automatically integrated with your Google Apps. For details, please see: Account-Wide Integration below.


Google displays a user’s task list alongside their calendar, which gives users the ability to cross-reference their master task list with their calendar to ensure adequate reconciliation.

Google and Mavenlink are the perfect project management pair. With this integration, you have access to your Google Drive from any Project, meaning that any file you have in Google Drive is available for you to share in a project workspace.


If you want to see Google Drive assets associated with a different email address, add the email address to your Mavenlink Email Settings and select the Google option for it. To go back from this personal override to the account default Google address, use the 'switch to account-wide Google integration' link in your Mavenlink Google Apps settings page.


Choosing to do an account-wide Google Apps integration allows you to perform the integration automatically for all your users. This is done by installing Mavenlink via the Google Apps Marketplace. For a step by step walkthrough, see: How to Integrate Mavenlink with Google Apps. This removes the need for each employee to enable the integrations on their own. In addition, it automatically puts Mavenlink on each user’s Google Nine Square and sets up Google single sign-on so users don't need a specific password for Mavenlink. An account-wide Marketplace install covers all Mavenlink account members present and future as long as they have an email address matching the domain install. 


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