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Google Workspace Integration Overview 


This integration is free for all plans.



Google Workspace and Mavenlink are a perfect project management pair. With this integration, you can...

  • access your Google Drive and share files in any project workspace,
  • invite anyone from your Google Contacts list into Mavenlink for collaboration,
  • and synchronize project due dates with your Google Calendar and Tasks list.


Knowing what you need to do, when you need to do it, and who is doing it ensures that nothing gets forgotten.

Getting Started

Google Workspace apps can be integrated in Mavenlink on an account-wide or individual user basis.

If a company performs an account-wide integration, the integration is automatically performed for all users. However, users will still have the flexibility to override account-wide integration settings by adjusting individual user settings.

Account-Wide Integration

If your company chooses an account-wide integration via the Google Workspace Marketplace, each employee no longer needs to do so independently, and a Mavenlink shortcut is added to each user’s Google Apps launcher.


In addition, an account-wide Google Workspace Marketplace integration enables Google’s single sign-on (SSO) solution. This means fewer passwords to remember, allowing members to move securely between services without interruption. This applies to all current and future Mavenlink account members as long as they have an email address that matches your domain name.

Individual User Integration

In order to seamlessly integrate with Google’s collection of cloud-based applications such as Drive, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks, you’ll need to configure your Google Workspace Settings, accessible from the User Profile and Settings drop-down menu.


Select which Google Workspace apps you want to integrate and click Activate.


Be sure to grant Mavenlink permission to access your Google Account. You can check which apps you have connected to your Google account by clicking here:

This page also allows you to see what parts of your account Mavenlink can access. For example, you can verify that Mavenlink has access to your basic profile information and the ability to view and manage Google Drive files.



To use Google Drive assets associated with a different email address:

1. Go to Mavenlink’s Email Settings  and Add the new address.

2. Look for a verification email in your inbox and click the link in that email.

3. Back in Email Settings, use the Google radio button to associate the new email address.

4. Click Update Emails.

5. To restore the account default Google address, click the Switch to account-wide Google integration link in your Google Workspace Settings.


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