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Budgeted Projects


The Budget tab on the Project Admin box in a project's workspace shows you the project’s budget as well as the budget used. Within this view, you have the ability to edit the original budget and access billing Rates & Roles settings.

Budgeted projects come with additional functionality such as time tracking, invoicing, resource planning, and advanced performance analytics.

What the Mavens Know

A reporting schedule will help the project succeed for one main reason: a reporting schedule ensures responsibility throughout the project. In turn, team members will need to provide feedback and content in order for the project to stay on schedule.

It’s important to lay out the entire timeline of the project, complete with reporting dates and responsibilities. Setting clear expectations of timeline and deliverables helps people understand what they are required to do in order for a project to be successful. This is good for you, as the project manager, because your team will question the timeline if things are behind schedule. The reporting schedule allows you to have answers for those questions.


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