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Enhancements to Mavenlink Reports

If there was ever a phrase that draws parallels to the importance of reporting in managing projects, it is truly “the devil is in the details.” At Mavenlink, we take analytics and measurement seriously: our reporting capabilities are the tools that arm our clients with actionable metrics to assess how smoothly their businesses are running and how productive their teams are.

And just like that common idiom, we’re constantly focused on providing detailed reports, because we know the smallest piece of intelligence can lead to big improvements in your daily work.

Today, we’re excited to say we’ve made several enhancements to our advanced performance analytics:

  1. Invoices: see the status of all invoices for projects on your account. You can narrow by date range and invoice status to determine how aligned you are with a payment schedule.
  2. Expenses: track expenses for projects on your account, filter by category and see the corresponding receipts.
  3. Accounts Receivable: view the payments for your active invoices to determine which invoices are outstanding.
  4. Margin Analysis: use the “groups” filter to identify your margins by department, client or region to measure your actual and projected margin, bill and cost rates.
  5. Work in Progress (WIP): easily determine the billable time you can invoice.
  6. Project Details: a new filter enables you to see time tracked during a date range and you can quickly access the Task Details by clicking on a task’s title. You can also access new financial data roll-ups by clicking “View Rolled-Up Details” and see the sum of a parent task and all its sub-tasks.
  7. Time Tracking: get an instant bird's-eye view of how utilized your team members are across projects and see what percentage of possible hours employees have tracked, all from a single dashboard report.
  8. Utilization: determine which activities your team members are scheduled to work on and how available they are during a particular time period.

We’ve also made exporting your reports fast and convenient – you can export to CSV, Excel or PDF. To access your reports, you must be a Mavenlink Premier member and have reports access or higher set under your account permissions.

Mavenlink is driven by the success of our customers. Let us know how you’re using your reports and how we can make them even more robust! In the meantime, we welcome your comments.

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