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QuickBooks Integration Overview

[Premier & Professional Customers Only]

 With Mavenlink’s QuickBooks Integration You Can:

  • Create Fixed Fee and Time and Materials projects from customer-accepted QuickBooks estimates. Note: this does not work for QuickBooks International.
  • Link project tasks and deliverables to QuickBooks billing items.
  • Save employee and vendor tracked time from your Mavenlink projects into QuickBooks.
  • Manage and designate Mavenlink account members and the people you collaborate with as QuickBooks employees or vendors.
  • Send Mavenlink expenses to QuickBooks and use the expense categories from your ledger.
  • If you're a Mavenlink customer and live in the U.S., UK, India, Australia or Canada you can connect QuickBooks Online to Mavenlink.

Getting Started

To sync Mavenlink with QuickBooks, navigate to the QuickBooks section located under your Settings tab in the left-hand navigation. You must be signed in as an Account Admin on a Premier or Pro account to connect to QuickBooks. Once synced, you can map Users, Projects, and other QuickBooks Settings in Mavenlink. All of Mavenlink’s financial features, including this integration, are available to our Premier & Pro customers. Click here to request a demo.


The Mavenlink integration with QuickBooks seamlessly enables more effective job costing, invoicing, payroll, and project accounting for you and your business.

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