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Sharing Files


Uploading documents and files is an important component of your project. There are two ways to add files to your projects in Mavenlink:

  1. You can attach a file to a post in your project’s Activity Feed.
  2. You can attach files directly to a post on a task.

To see all your projects’ files in one view, click the Files tab at the top of your project. From this section, you can view file names, upload dates, who it was uploaded by, the project it is part of, and the file size.


You can use the search bar to see all the files of a specific project or to search for a specific file. Click on any file name to download that file to your computer. Alternatively, you can click the Preview icon under the Actions column to get a quick view of the file.

Mavenlink supports virtually all file types. If you are on the Teams plan, you can upload a file size of 2GB. If you are on the Premier plan, your file upload size maximum is 5GB.


There’s no more hassle of sharing files back and forth through email. The ability to upload files from your computer to different Projects makes sharing and collaborating with large groups simple. Mavenlink is integrated with Google Workspace so you can also attach your Google Drive docs to a Project or a Task. Using Google Drive gives you the advantage of not having to worry about file versions as you’re all collaborating on the same document.


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