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Project Activity Feed



The Activity tab helps keep track of communication, uploaded documents, and the latest updates within a project. This area is also home to the Project Admin box, which has high-level information about the participants, schedule, budget, and invoicing. You can also see Upcoming Tasks in from the Activity tab and quickly access those task’s details by clicking on them.

Think of the Activity feed within a Project as an instant messaging space between you and others who are invited into your project. It’s best not to treat it as an email correspondence, but instead utilize this section for quick questions, updates, and sharing files from your computer or Google Drive.


Replies and Mentions

Each project has an Activity tab which acts as a real time messaging feed for anyone who is invited into your Project. Direct a message to a particular person using @mentions, where you type the "@" symbol followed by the person’s name. Using an @mention will send the person you mentioned an email with your post. You can also private message a team member or client right from the Activity feed or in the Task Tracker.

Uploading Files / Attach Google Drive Files

You can attach a file to an Activity Feed post by clicking Reply and then Upload Files. If you uploaded a file to a private message, only users who have access to that message will be able to see and download the file.Upload_file.png

You can also post a Google Drive file—such as an image, document, or Google Sheet— in the Activity Feed post by clicking Attach Google Files. The file you attach will then be stored in the project workspaces' Files tab so you can easily locate it whenever needed.

Note: To attach Google Drive files, you must first activate the Google Drive integration on your account. If you de-activate this integration at any point, project members will still have access to any Google Drive file(s) you attached. If you want to remove access to all Google files you've attached, you'll need to delete them from the Files tab.

Task Tracker within the Activity tab

When uploading a file or associating a Google Doc to the Activity tab, a good rule of thumb is to link it to a task in your project’s Task Tracker by clicking on Link to Task beneath your post and selecting the appropriate task. This helps your project participants know the attachment is for a specific task.

Making Posts Private

Click the lock symbol and select the users you’d like the post to be visible to. Or, you can turn on your Advanced Post Settings under Account Settings or in your project workspace. When turned on, you will be required to specify the list of recipients for a message by default.

  • Advanced Privacy - Project Setting—You can turn the workspace privacy setting on when creating a workspace or under the Manage button of an existing workspace.
  • Advanced Privacy - Account Setting—You can also specify that all projects on your account should default to private posts. You will always have the option to override this when creating a project.

Activity Feed

  • Sort: You can sort chronologically or by newest reply.
  • Filter: You can filter by none, message with attachments, attachments only, linked with deliverables, and show all.
  • Character limit: 10,000 characters per-post.



You can enable notifications in Notification Settings to get notified when the project status, start and due date, or budget changes.

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