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Kantata Requirements

Kantata Requirements

Kantata is a web-based platform accessible on Windows, Mac, and Chrome-based operating systems—no hardware installation is required. As long as your device can run the most current versions of our recommended browsers, there are no specific hardware requirements. All you need is an HTML-5 compliant web browser and an internet-connected desktop, laptop, Chromebook, or mobile device.

Recommended Browsers

We support the two most recent versions of the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Edge

Other browsers may work; however, we can't guarantee an optimal user experience. Some browsers may require additional configuration for optimal use.

Minimum Screen Resolution

  • 1280 x 1024 is our lowest recommended screen resolution.

Traffic Prioritization (for QoS)

Accessing Kantata's standard and expanded services requires that you configure your firewall to allow certain domains.

To fully optimize performance, improve latency, and increase usable bandwidth for our services, it may be necessary to implement bandwidth management and traffic shaping software; this way you can prioritize the traffic on your network.

Of the sites needing to be whitelisted, we recommend that* has its traffic prioritized for quality of service.

* Needs to be wildcarded to unblock all subdomains.

Troubleshooting: Browser Issues

Minor issues can generally be fixed by simply clearing your browser cache and cookies.

Your network may be set to automatically clear the cache and cookies every time a device is restarted. For this reason, it's a good idea to restart your devices often. Even so, it may sometimes also be necessary to manually clear the cache and cookies.

How to Troubleshoot Browser-Related Issues

  1. Clear your cache and cookies. Most browsers have unique ways of clearing cache and cookies. If you are unsure how to do this on your browser, you can talk to your network administrator or do an internet search for instructions.
  2. Try another browser. Since some issues may be browser-specific, we encourage you to try a different browser when coming across an issue.
  3. Open Kantata in a Private or Incognito Window. If you are unable (or do not want) to clear your cache and cookies, you can open a private or incognito window.
    • Chrome—Right click the Chrome icon on your desktop and select New Incognito Window.
    • Safari and Firefox—Click File at the top left of your desktop and select New Private Window.
  4. Contact Kantata Support. After you have cleared your cache and cookies and tried a different browser, if you are still having the issue on both browsers, it may be necessary to contact Kantata's Support team.

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