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Mavenlink's Interface

Mavenlink’s interface is driven by our belief that all businesses deserve the opportunity to be successful. We set out to design an interface that is intuitive and accessible.

Mavenlink’s users are a diverse group. Your activities in Mavenlink will vary depending upon your specific role. To accommodate that variety, we segment different sections of the Mavenlink software on the left-hand navigation bar. This makes it easy to jump to the sections of Mavenlink that are most important to you.

To make information accessible at a glance, we use different colors to reinforce the states of projects, tasks, or resource allocation. However, we take special care to use shades of color that are distinguishable and accessible by all users.

We aim to make Mavenlink a user friendly platform. But we understand that even the most carefully designed software interface can be confusing the first time you use it. So if you’re ever having trouble finding something, we’re here to help! Click the Support drop-down menu next to your Profile to access email Support, 24.7 Live Help, our Knowledge Base, and Tutorial videos. 

Browser Compatibility: Mavenlink can be used on any computer with Internet access running a modern web browser, including: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 11+. Mavenlink is best viewed using a screen resolution of 1440 pixels in width or greater. This avoids excessive horizontal scrolling. Mavenlink’s HTML5 mobile app is also compatible with most smart phones.

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