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Mavenlink's Story

Founded in 2008 by Ray Grainger, Roger Neel, and Sean Crafts, Mavenlink began with the idea of reinventing the way the world conducts business. The three founders realized the global workforce was evolving to include employees, independent consultants and solution providers, and lacked a cloud-based, cohesive online workplace to manage people, projects and profits.

Mavenlink was built with a focus and passion for making professional services businesses successful by providing best-in-class technology solutions that solve real business problems. We give you the insight you need to manage your business better and get work done. This exclusive focus has been part of our business model, company “DNA” and culture since day one.

Mavenlink provides cloud-based project and business management software. Our Mavenlink Teams software provides superior cloud-based collaboration, Google for Work integration, and project planning capabilities. Our Mavenlink Premier software includes these same features, as well as more robust capabilities such as resource planning, financial management, and integrations with leading business applications to better serve business needs.

Through an early collaboration with Pivotal Labs, Mavenlink’s engineering team adopted the practice of pair programming, a rigorous, best-practice approach to writing robust software. That practice continues today, enabling rapid development of new features in a reliable code base.    

Mavenlink has grown tremendously between our business headquarters in Irvine and our engineering headquarters in San Francisco. Our software helps companies all over the world, and we are constantly innovating to make it and our company better every day.



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