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Getting Started with Mavenlink

Welcome to Mavenlink!

Mavenlink's all-in-one software combines advanced project management, resource planning, collaboration, and financial tools to help services organizations conduct business online. We empower companies to better understand their productivity and take strategic actions to improve profitability. In other words, Mavenlink makes it easier to get things done, keep clients happy, and grow your business like never before.

Welcome-to-Mavenlink.pngLet's Get Started!

To begin, navigate to our website and click Login.


From there, you will land on your Account page where you see the left-side nav bar; this is your go-to spot for navigating Mavenlink. Your general account settings are located in the Settings section of the left-side nav bar and Profile information is in the top-right header next to your Profile Picture.

If you want to talk to someone in customer service, we offer 24/7 in-app support and provide links to other help channels; just click on Support at the top-right of the main app bar.

TIP: If you're unable to log in, click the Forgot Your Password link and you'll be sent an email to create a new password. If you still can't log in after changing your password, contact your Mavenlink Account Administrator to ensure that all information in your Member settings is correct.


Start Building Your Team

For Mavenlink Premier customers, the team members you add to your account are the “seats” you paid for when you signed up with your account executive. Anytime you need to add more seats, reach out to your account executive or email If signed up for a Mavenlink Teams account through our website, you can add additional members by going to the Members section found under Settings in the left-hand nav bar. 

After inviting your team members, we recommend having each one fill out their Profile completely before working with consultants, clients, and contractors. This will help your clients get to know the members on your team and allow them to put faces to names.

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