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Projects Workspace Overview




The Projects workspaces are places where you can collaborate and get work done. In each project workspace, your internal and external team members can:

Once you’ve created a project, a good first step is configuring it using the Project Admin box. This is the box at the top right area of the Activity tab. From here, you can invite team members and clients, as well as access permission settings and other project information.


Project Admin Box

The tabs that top the Project Admin box let you access various project information and settings. Everyone has access to the Team and Schedule tabs; Premier members have additional access to the Budget and Payment tabs.

  • The Team section lists the project members assigned to each team (Clients or Providers). You can invite additional people to the project and set their permissions by clicking on the Invite and Project Permissions buttons at the bottom of the Admin box.
  • In the Schedule section, you can set or propose a project due date. You’ll be able to track changes to this due date here, too.
  • The Budget area is where you can set the budget, propose changes, and override the bill rates for the Providers of this project. You can also see what percent of the budget has been used.
  • The Payment section provides additional financial information. It shows which invoices are paid or pending, and allows you to create invoices and log payments.

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