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Account Billing

Our Sales team wants to make sure you get access to the best plan that fits your needs. That's why we offer a few options: 

1. Mavenlink Teams

To sign up for a Teams Plan, simply select "Start Free Trial," to start your free trial of Teams. No credit card is required for your trial. Should you choose to continue using Teams post trial, simply enter your credit card details to activate your plan. To see current pricing, visit our pricing page here.

When you add a user to your Teams Plan, you will be charged a prorated amount for that user based on the time remaining on your current subscription term. If you decide to remove a person from your Teams Plan, your bill will decrease at the beginning of the next billing period.  

Current Teams customers can also upgrade to Premier under their Settings tab then navigate to the Account section and click on Plan, then Change Plans.

2. Mavenlink Premier 

To learn more about our Premier Plan, schedule a demo here or contact our Sales Specialists at We even offer a free trial period to explore the robust capabilities of Mavenlink Premier. 

Multi-year Premier contracts enjoy additional benefits such as discounted pricing, and locking in rates for the term that was selected. Payments can be made via electronic transfer, credit card, or check. Additional account members exceeding those in your contract will be handled per the terms in your contract.


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